He’s reckless, impulsive, and barely eighteen, but Flynn Arcturus is the best damn pilot on the ocean floor. In his short lifetime, he’s dealt with angry sea dragons and seductive mermaids, but nothing could have prepared him for the death of his parents.

Flynn’s parents aren’t the first to die under mysterious circumstances. Many residents of Seahaven, the domed underwater city where he lives, are getting killed by seemingly random acts of misfortune. When he investigates, he discovers an ancient threat, imprisoned for centuries, that once again endangers Seahaven.

Equipped with superb piloting skills and an extraordinary ship built by his genius brother, Flynn may be the only one who can save Seahaven. But when he discovers what he’s up against, he realizes he’s out of his depth.

When eighteen-year-old Flynn Arcturus discovers the existence of an ancient human city with a past so dark that it was intentionally removed from their histories, he could not be more excited. Until he learns the evil race that killed his ancestors have occupied it ever since.

Accompanied by Kylara, a fiery-haired female assassin with curves that would melt the vows from a priest, they must navigate through a city of enemies, all the while avoiding an assassin with godlike fighting abilities and a deep-sea pirate who intends to harvest their souls to power his evil magic.

Nineteen-year-old Flynn Arcturus discovered little from tomb raiding on the ocean floor, until he uncovers an artifact capable of eradicating his people. As a nation of evil creatures sets out to kill him and use the staff to destroy his civilization, his only hope resides in a distant city filled with cutthroat members of every evil race in the depths.

This FREE novelette (only 5 chapters) is a prequel to The Secret Depths Trilogy.

Seventeen-year-old Flynn Arcturus has seen many things during his short lifetime on the ocean floor, but he’s shocked when he discovers the remains of an ancient civilization. With other treasure-hunters not far behind, eager to plunder precious artifacts for their base values, Flynn explores the ruins. Unaware of the deadly traps and defenses within, he hurries to discover what secrets the ruins hold before they’re plundered, and soon realizes that solving those mysteries may cost him his life.